Ed Stephenson:
[1] Chilean Lady - Stephenson/Hilton
[2] Clea - Stephenson
[3] Esencia - Stephenson/Hilton
[4] Del Mar - Stephenson
[5] Woo - Stephenson
[6] Ino - Stephenson/Hilton
[7] Cancion del Emperador - Luis de Narváez
[8] Asturias - Isaac Abeniz
[9] Canarios - Gaspar Sanz
[10] Romance - Anonymous

Ed Stephenson and Iños Flamenca is a Spanish music and Nuevo Flamenco ensemble of two guitars, percussion and bass. "Esencia", their most recent CD, contains original music and traditional Spanish compositions.

twitter: @ed_stephenson

Ryoanji Duo:
[1] DRIVELINE: A Powerwalk for Guitar and Alto Saxophone - David Kechley
[2] Face of the Moon - Marilyn Shrude
Rock Garden - Daniel Worley
[3] In a Slight Funk
[4] Singing to Myself
[5] Throwing Stones
[6] Introduccion, Danza, y Contemplativo - Ernesto Garcia de Leon
[7] IBarcarolle Michael Ruszcynski
[8] In the Dragon's Garden
Images of China Jing Jing Luo
[9] Two Scholars
[10] Mountain Sound
[11] Morning Mist
[12] Drunken Man

The Ryoanji Duo was established in 1992 with the premiere of In the Dragon's Garden and since that the this unusual combination of guitar and saxophone has became more popular. One reason is that the Ryoanji along with other such duos has been commissioning new works from composers around the world. Images is Ryoanji's first compact disc consisting of all the works they have commissioned to date. There are NO transcriptions on this disc, only original works for this combination--and what variety there is among the pieces! !

David Kechley:
In the Dragon's Garden
VALENCIA: Iberian Musings
[1] ...on the edge
[2] Prayer and Lament with Interjections
[3] Please Refrain

[4] DRIVELINE: A Powerwalk for Guitar and Alto Saxophone -

Stepping Out
[5] Minimum Overdrive
[6] Midnight Reflection
[7] Anonymous
[8] An Easy Burden

[9] In the Dragon's Garden

An innovative and very appealing new disc by David Kechley featuring a new version ofIn the Dragon's Garden, Winner of the 1994 Lee Ettelson Prize. Marimbist, Gordon Stout and the Empire Saxophone Quartet start it off as they create a fresh new sound with VALENCIA: Iberian Musings. Stout is an amazing technician, but it is his musical sensitivity that really makes this performance a special one. Listen to the opening of Prayer and Lament with Interjections, which begins with marimba alone. This is a timeless moment which sets up a soulful and very lyrical soprano solo by Steven Mauk shortly after. The closing movement, Please Refrain… is a rhythmic and textural delight!

The second work, DRIVELINE: A Powerwalk for Guitar and Alto Saxophone is Kechley's second work for the Ryoanji Duo and just as its older sister, In the Dragon's Garden, it is a demanding and virtuoso piece, but in a much different way. The middle section features a role reversal with a slow tremolo melody in the guitar "accompanied" by broken intervals in the saxophone.

Tracks 5-8 feature the Empire Saxophone Quartet performing Stepping Out, one of the composer's most popular saxophone pieces. Its four movements range in style from Minimum Overdrive, a minimalist spoof to Midnight Reflection, a sparse and even pointalistic opening giving way to a sustained and expressive climax, to Anonymous, another spoof, this time with a medieval reference. The work ends with An Easy Burden, a warm and melodic piece designed to make the listener feel good, whose strains are remembered long after the rich open fifths with which it concludes.

Robert Nathanson and Frank Bongiorno of the Ryoanji Duo give a sizzling performance of In the Dragon's Garden, a piece they have come to "own" since they premiered it at the 1992 World Saxophone Congress in Pesaro, Italy. It would be difficult to follow this performance and this intense and intricate work with anything else. Perhaps this is why the entire disc bears the name of this work!

The Zagreb Saxophone Quartet with Eugene Rousseau:
Tsunagari - David Kechley
[1] Strong
[2] Timeless
[3] Saterical
[4] Intense
[5] Quick
[6] Faces of the Blues - David Baker
[7] S.A.X. - Frederick Fox
Quartet for Saxophones- Elliot Del Borgo
[8] Quickly
[9] Gently
[10] With Vigor
Three Improvisations - Phil Woods
[7] Presto
[8] Broadly, Freely
[11] III

World class master of the saxophone, Eugene Rousseau, teams up with the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet to deliver dynamic and very musical performances of some rarely heard quintets by David Kechley, Frederick Fox, and David Baker. In addition the ZSQ offers compelling new interpretations of well-known quartets by Del Borgo and Phil Woods. The music is beautifully recorded at two different churches in Croatia. This young group is one to watch and when coupled with the refinement and experience of someone like E. Rousseau the combination is unbeatable. This is a great sounding disc, which does not compromise its artistic standards or choices of music--a powerful listening experience!
Robert Nathanson:
[1] Soleares - Joaquin Turina
[2] Rafaga - Joaquin Turina
[3] Gymnopedie No. 1 - Eric Satie
The Easy Street Suite - Robert Hardaway
[4] Life
[5] Love
[6] Inspiration
Sonata for Lute in E Minor - Silvius Leopold Weiss
[7] Prelude
[8] Allemande
[9] Courante
[10] Bouree
[11] Minuet I
[12] Gigue
[13] Sarabande
[11] Sarabande
[14] Zambra Granadina - Isaac Albeniz

A wonderful and warm recording featuring a varied collection of solo guitar music recently re-released on compact disc by Robert Nathanson. The works range from Baroque to 20th century and the list includes both familiar titles such as Gymnopedie by Satie and less know works such as the Michael Lorimer's transcription of the Weiss Sonata for Lute in E Minor. This disc is a great companion to Nathanson's more recent solo album, New York Sally.
David Baker
The Harlem Pipes
[1] Groovin' for Diz [10:23]
[2] The Harlem Pipes [11:30]
[3] Bird Song [11:46]
[4] The Five M Calypso [12:28]

Recently discovered tapes from the third incarnation of his 21st Century Bebop Band in 1985-86 features more great compositions from the pen of David Baker. The 21st Century Bebop Band features David Baker, cello; Harvey Phillips, tuba; Luke Gillespie, piano; Charles Ledvina, bass; and Scott Latzky, drums with Lida Baker, flute and Tom Guillion on tenor and soprano saxophones.

Andy Jaffe & Tom McClung:
Double Helix
[1] Nutty (Thelonious Monk)
[2] Cariocas (Andy Jaffe)
[3] Dancers in Love (Duke Ellington)
[4] Nocturne (Andy Jaffe)
[5] Escuta Meu Piano (Hermeto Pascoal, trans. & arr. McClung)
[6] Broken Colors (Tom McClung)
[7] Tonada #X (Humberto Allende, arr. McClung/Jaffe)
[8] Little Spirit (Andy Jaffe)
[9] Mentalizando O Hermeto (Andy Jaffe)
[10] Aguela Valsa (Hermet Pascoal, arr. McClung/Jaffe)
[11] If I had a Dream (Ady Jaffe)

Duo pianists, Andy Jaffe and Tom McClung, mix arrangements of Ellington, Monk, Allende, and Hermeto Pascoal, with their own great piano compositions. These dynamic players compliment each other to create an amazing full sound, rich and balanced with all the right ingredients: a beautiful sense of melody, a blend of traditional and innovative harmonies like you've never heard, dazzling technique in just the right places, and lyrical improvisation as only the masters can shape.

David Kechley:
The Skylark Sings
[1] Still on the Edge
[2] Funeral Music with Dance
[3] Past Refrains

[4] Tuahku: A Dark Samba for Orchestra

The Skylark Sings
[5] Skylarks
[6] Fireflies
[7] Starlight Night
[8] Magic Mushrooms
[9] Scarecrows
[10] The Giant Tortoise
[11] Quiet Birds

A variety of recent orchestral and vocal works by David Kechley including his 1995 masterpiece, The Skylark Sings, a setting of seven songs for soprano and orchestra which includes translations of Rumi, Japanese Haiku, Chinese, and Native American texts. The work was written in memory of the composer's brother and, although secular in nature, has the qualities of a requiem. TUAHKU: A Dark Samba for Orchestra is the second in a serious of "crossover" pieces for orchestra, which feature percussion with great energy and rhythmic excitement. TRANSFORMATIONS: An Orchestral Triptych set two shorter movements around a darkly expressive center. All of these works demonstrate the composer's strong sense of orchestral color and intense lyricism.

David Kechley:
Winter Branches

This collection of chamber works by David Kechley documents the evolution of a truly unique American composer. All the works here possess the distinctive 'Kechley' style; however, the language of Kechley's compositions derives from, among other things, blues forms, African-based rhythms, and meditative and ritualistc qualities found in Asian music.
Winter Branches (1987)
Sonata for Cello and Piano
[1] Branching Out (5:22)
[2] Crystal Branches (6:02)
[3] Branches in the Wind (3:10)

Music for Saxophones (1985)
[4] Funky Music
[5] Funeral Music
[6] Fast Music

Sonata for Viola and Piano (1977)
[7] Buffeto (5:44)
[8] Ballata (5:48)
[9] Buffero (5:03)

Voices from the Garden (1993)
[10] Grooves, Dance & Reflection,
Lament, Awakening, Driving
(played without pause) (16:37)

Frank Bongiorno:
Classic Saxophone Volume 1

"In some pieces on this CD Bongiorno shows
signs of becoming a universal artist - not just a
'classical' saxophonist. He is a performer to be
listened to closely on this CD. His saxophone
skills and his natural talent will attract your ear.
Classic Saxophone is only the beginning for this
dynamic saxophonist." -Saxophone Journal
Gotkovsky: Brillance (1974)
[1] Declame (1:35)
[2] Desinvolte (1:42)
[3] Dolcissimo (2:34)
[4] Final (2:44)

Malcolm Lewis:
[5] Elegy for a Hollow Man (1972)

Allesandro Marcello: Concerto in C Minor
[6] Allegro moderato (3:12)
[7] Adagio (4:04)
[8] Allegro (3:42)

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 (1938)
[9] Aria (Cantilena) (5:13)

Frank Martin:
[10] Ballade (1938) (15:35)

Frank Bongiorno:
Classic Saxophone Volume 2: Musica da Camera

"From Baroque to classical to jazz, Frank gives authoritative performances of classical saxophone literature. The setting, for each of the pieces is imaginative and exciting; the performace on this is excellent...Classic Saxophone, Vol. 2 is indeed a classic. This CD should go on your 'must get or at
least listen to' list." -Saxophone Journal
David Kechley:
[1] In the Dragon's Garden
Song from the Wind, Islands in the Sand,
The Sea of Stones, Beyond the Wall,
Dancing Between the Rocks

Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonata I
Arr. by Larry Teal
[2] Vivace (1:28)
[3] Adagio (1:18)
[4] Allegro (1:22)

W. A. Mozart:
Oboe Quartet in F Major (K. 370)

Arr. by Frank Bongiorno
[5] Allegro (4:44)
[6] Adagio (2:41)
[7] Rondo-Allegro (ma non troppo) (4:46)

Steven Galante:
[8] Saxsounds III: Diminishing Returns (7:04)

Gabriel Faure:
[9] Sicilienne from Pelleas et Melisande (4:13)
Arr. by Frank Bongiorno

David N. Baker:
[10] Faces of the Blues (8:49)

Eugene Rousseau and the ER Big Band:
Mr. Mellow

This popular recording, now in its third release, showcases world-renowned saxophonist Eugene Rousseau performing favorite jazz standards, such as Body and Soul, Stardust, and Take Five, with a big band conducted by David Baker. Although the cover is new, the disc inside still delivers the same great sound as before from the exciting collaboration between two world-class artists.

[1] Harlem Nocturne
(Duke Ellington) (4:44)
[2] Carmichael Medley: Skylark,
Georgia on My Mind,
The Nearness of You
(Arr. D. Baker) (9:20)
[3] Kern Medley: All the Things You Are (Arr. A. Cobine) (7:06)
[4]'Round Midnight
(T. Monk/Arr. D. Baker) (4:11)
[5] Blues for Mr. Mellow
(Dominic Spera) (5:47)
[6] Summer of '42
(Legrand/Arr. T. Newsom) (4:52)
[7] Body and Soul
(Johnny Green/Arr. R. Shanklin) (5:17)
[8] Take Five
(Dave Brubeck) (3:31)
[9] In Memoriam
(Sig Flosason) (5:42)
[10] Porgy and Bess Medley
(Gershwin/Arr. B. Wallarab) (8:40)
[11]Back Home Again in Indiana
(Arr. E. Rousseau) (6:17)

Robert Nathanson:
New York Sally

A former student of Michael Lorimer and Christopher Parkining, classical guitarist Robert Nathanson is an active recitalist, orchestral soloist, and ensemble performer throughout the United States and abroad. Liscio proudly presents this rising star on compact disc, performing works by Domeniconi, Bach, Brouwer,
and Cordero.
Carlo Domeniconi
[1] Variation on a Turkish Theme (7:47)

Leo Brouwer
Preludios Epigramaticos
[2] No. 1 (1:20)
[3] No. 2 (1:56)
[4] No. 3 (1:32)
[5] No. 4 (1:22)
[6] No. 5 (1:30)
[7] No. 6 (0:54)

Ernesto Cordero
[8] Jubilo (Joy) (1:06)
[9] Ternura (Tenderness) (2:41)
[10] Fe (Faith) (1:30)
[11] Nostalgia (2:18)
[12] Coraje (Courage) (0:59)

Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite in A Major

Arr. by Michael Lorimer
[13] Prelude (3:59)
[14] Allemande (4:03)
[15] Courante (3:17)
[16] Sarabande (2:47)
[17] Bourree I & II (3:38)
[18] Gigue (3:21)

Denis DiBlasio:
Catch Me

"DiBlasio unravels skeins of bebop that emerge from his big horn in a furious blur...Denis DiBlasio huffs and puffs and blows the house down on Catch Me." -Philadelphia Inquirer
[1] Catch Me (DiBlasio) (8:13)
[2] Returning (DiBlasio) (8:10)
[3] Backseat Explorer (DiBlasio) (6:50)
[4] Never Never Land (Comden, Green, Stien) (6:30)
[5] Only Half a Cup? (Ridl) (6:50)
[6] Dreams (DiBlasio) (8:15)
[7] Freedom Jazz Dance (Harris) (9:10)
[8] Human Spirit (DiBlasio) (6:00)
[9] Wormburner (DiBlasio) (4:15)

Denis DiBlasio: baritone saxophone, flute, scat vocal
Jim Ridl: piano
Darryl Hall: bass
Jim Miller: drums

Chamber Music by David Baker:
Through the Prism of the Black Experience

An intense collection of chamber music by David Baker
featuring the Audubon String Quartet, William
Brown, tenor, Joseph Kennedy, Jr., violin,
and Toni-Marie Montgomery, piano. Baker has long been known as a composer who is equally at home in both jazz and classical idioms. The music here demostrates that clearly with vitality and celebration as well as reflection and sadness.
Sonata for Jazz Violin and String Quartet
[1] Fast, with energy
[2] Song/Blues
[3] Calypso
[4] Very fast and intense

The Black Experience
[5] The Alarm Clock
[6] A Good Assasination Should be Quiet
[7] The Insurgent
[8] I Who Would Encompass Millions
[9] The Rebel
[10] Status Symbol
[11] Early in the Mornin

Through This Vale of Tears
[12] Thou Dost Lay Me in the Dust of Death
[13] If There Be Sorrow
[14] My God, Why Has Thou Forsaken Me?<
[15] Parades to Hell
[16] Deliver My Soul
[17] Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
[18] Now That He Is Safely Dead
[19] Thou Dost Lay Me in the Dust of Death

The David Baker Sextet:
Steppin' Out

"Cellist/arranger and educator Baker is an original composer who writes with skill and deft astuteness. His cello playing is equally accomplished. This CD offers Baker's Sextet in a varied and richly rewarding collection of thoughtful mainstream jazz." -Cadence
[1] Steppin' Out (9:12)
[2] An After Hours Lament (9:56)
[3] To Dizzy With Love (10:48)
[4] Autumn' Dreams (4:35)
[5] Birdsong (9:06)
[6] Njso Calypso (9:24)

All selections composed and
arranged by David Baker

David Baker: cello
Lida Baker: flute, alto Flute
David Hammer: piano
Michael DiLiddo: guitar
J.B. Dyas: bass
Jean Bolduc: drums

David Baker: Cellofire

Edward Laut is featured on this "crossover" disc of music by David Baker which includes applied cello with jazz band, cello solo, and cello with jazz trio.
Concerto for Cello and Jazz Band
[1] Fast
[2] Slow
[3] Energetically

Sonata for Solo Cello
[4] Fast
[5] Slow and majestic
[6] Fast and Rhythmic

Suite for Cello and Jazz Trio
[7] Swagger
[8] Meditation
[9] Slow Blues
[10] Calyso

Edward Laut: cello
Komei Harasaawa: piano
Charles Hoag: bass
George Boerg: drums
Indiana University Jazz Ensemble

Les Deux Amis Guitar Duo:
Ballet Burlesque

W. A. Mozart:
[1] Two Rondos (6:29)
Arr. by F. Carulli

Francis Kleynjans:
4 Mouvements
[2] "Propos rapportes par le vent d'est" (1:21)
[3] Adagio (3:28)
[4] "Si l'on revait" (1:47)
[5] Ballet Burlesque (2:36)

Scott Joplin:
[6] Eugenia (2:50)
Arr. by Hoey/Morris

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