Liscio Recordings, Inc. specializes in the production and distribution of the highest quality digital audio recordings of both jazz and classical music. Among the artists that have released albums under the Liscio label are Eugene Rousseau, Denis DiBlasio, David Baker, Frank Bongiorno, Robert Nathanson, and David Kechley.

Liscio maintains relationships with the most reputable recording engineers, editors, graphic designers, distributors, and manufacturers in the industry.

Included in the services Liscio can offer artists are the following:

--Regular review of demo recordings and CD-length mastered recordings--

--Assistance with any aspect of the production process--

--Creative graphic design--

--Full production from CDR, DAT, or 1630 Tape--

--Flexible contract arrangements depending on specific project needs--

--Internet and retail distribution of all recordings released under the Liscio label--

To learn more about how Liscio can help you produce a compact disc recording e-mail us!

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